Overview - The IELTS Test

The IELTS Exam preparation Centre:

Our IELTS Preparation course is a one to one basis course to cater to the IELTS applicant’s needs according to their own level and schedule. Conducting a small group of friends is another option while their level in English should be identical. 

Our professional IELTS teachers will go through all four skills in IELTS Academic and General modules with a concentration on the skills students have difficulty with.  


20 hours one to one IELTS Preparation + 4 Mock Exams 

Schedule: According to the student’s time and availability ( Flexible for student )

Duration: Up to students and exam date

Registration fee and Materials: RM 200.00 

Tuition fee: RM 3200.00

Do you prefer to join the course with your friends?

2 students > each one will receive 20% discount
3 students > each one will receive 30% discount
4 students > each one will receive 40% discount

The IELTS Modules

1- The Academic Module: is for students who wish to study at a college or university abroad.

2- The General Training Module: is suitable for people who wish to complete their secondary education in an English-speaking country, for participants of work experience/training programs, and those who need it for immigration purposes.

IELTS Test Sections

The test has four parts covering all four language skills:

  Listening (30 minutes)
  Reading (60 minutes)
  Writing (60 minutes)
  Speaking (11 – 14 minutes)

 The total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The IELTS Preparation Course Description

Acquaintance with all possible topics while trying to focus on Pronunciation, and Intonation, Fluency and Accuracy, and Proper/ not repeating Vocabulary

Listening tactics, Predicting the answer and understanding the conversation

Scan and Skim skills, Gist, Clue & Keywords, Main idea finding, Topic Sentence, answering methods for all types of the IELTS questions and Reading and Answer boosting

Grammatical lessons, Correct structure, and templates brainstorming, analysis of graphs, diagrams,…



What Students Say




We are attending ACE Education Center for 6 months already and we are very satisfied with level of teachers and education. Great work ACE! See you in the class!



Student testimmonial

I have been studying Mathematics at ACE Education since then I have improved myself. I am really happy with my teacher.



Student testimonial

I am learning Mandarin and English at ACE Education. I have improved my grades in the school. Amazing support



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