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Overview - Mandarin Tuition Malaysia

The Mandarin Language has the largest number of native speakers in the world and is the main language in China. Mandarin’s increasingly popular as a foreign language both due to its global relevance and usefulness in conducting business in Asia. Mandarin, with its tones and unique script, is a challenge to foreign language enthusiasts. However Mandarin Language learners will quickly be rewarded by culture and opportunities made possible through knowing the language. Our Online Mandarin classes are available on demand. 

Mandarin Tuition Learning Customization

ACE Education will work with you to specify every aspect of your Mandarin Language Learning experience. While we also offer a general program, we also execute specific programs customized to industries like financial services, automotive, healthcare, logistics, oil & gas, hospitality, etc. Those programs focus specifically on adult learning and how to quickly generate learning success for an work or social operational environment.

Mandarin Tuition Course Instructors

ACE Education offers Mandarin Language classes conducted by native (a-language) Chinese Mandarin tutors. Our Mandarin Language Courses Instructors have to pass strict criteria set from the management. The key evaluation criteria are 1) formal qualification in teaching Mandarin Chinese, 2) experience in teaching Mandarin Language Courses and 3) native language (a-language) / cultural background of instructor. Based on those criteria all instructors are reviewed before the initial course as well as on a periodic basis after receiving customer / student feedback.

Mandarin Language Course Material

We enrich all our Mandarin language courses with a variety of audio-visual materials and specially developed in-house learning aids. Furthermore, for industry-specific programs we have customized a broad spectrum of different Mandarin Chinese Learning aids. Those learning aids help the student to achieve faster learning progress and success for whatever learning purpose.

A standard Mandarin Language Course consists of 12 lessons of 1.5-2 hours which might not be sufficient for passing the HSK exam (for HSK exams additional preparation lessons should be taken). We do offer private and group Mandarin Language Courses.

Fee Structure

RM 120 per hour (1-on-1) RM 60 (group class max 4 pax)


What Students Say



Student testimonial, The four birds personality in a child

We are attending ACE Education Center for 6 months already and we are very satisfied with level of teachers and education. Great work ACE! See you in the class!



Student testimmonial

I have been studying Mathematics at ACE Education since then I have improved myself. I am really happy with my teacher.



Student testimonial

I am learning Mandarin and English at ACE Education. I have improved my grades in the school. Amazing support




ACE education really helped me to improve my skills in Mathematics and to achieve good grades. Teacher was highly experienced and taught me from basic to advanced level. Thank you so much for all your guidance.



Yuki Ota

This class helped me to develop my essay writing skills that I previously was very unsure of. Sociology is a very broad topic, so it was difficult for me to be sure whether the knowledge I had and the way I wrote was even correct.

Yuki Ota

Student - A2 Sociology

testimonial,primary tuition

I would like to recommend ACE education to all students who are struggling to get high grades in IGCSE based on my personal experience. All teachers and staff are so professional and kind.



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My daughter scored A* in Maths, Chemistry and Physics and she is really happy and really thankful to the tutors from ACE education as they helped her a lot throughout her journey at ACE Education.




I was OK with all IGCSE subjects except Biology so I got Biology tutor from ACE Education. She worked hard with me to develop interest in Biology and just because of her kind support and guidance I scored B which is unbelievable as before her assistance I could hardly get D.




ACE Education has helped my daughter in preparing for the personal statement and UK college admission for Arts. Highly recommended their services.


UK Admission

Yuki Ota

Ms. Alina checked thoroughly if what I am doing is correct and was able to give me good feedback on my skills. The teaching style was very clear and her knowledge in sociology was very extensive. I am very thankful for the class and would like to thank the teacher and centre for their time in teaching.

Yuki Ota

Student - A2 Sociology

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The lesson with Ms Sadi went very well and thank you for recommending her. Both Lauren and I are very happy with her knowledge, teaching style and level of enthusiasm!

Ms. Paula


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