English for Sales and Marketing

English for Sales and Marketing at ACE Education

Course Objectives:

  • Enhance English language skills tailored for sales and marketing professionals.
  • Develop proficiency in communication, negotiation, and persuasive language.
  • Equip participants with the language skills necessary for effective sales pitches, marketing campaigns, and client presentations.
  • Prepare professionals to communicate confidently and persuasively in sales and marketing roles.

Target Audience:

  • Sales representatives, marketing executives, and business development professionals seeking to improve English communication skills.
  • Individuals preparing for roles requiring strong English proficiency in sales, advertising, and digital marketing.


  • Interactive Learning: Engage participants through role-plays, simulations, and interactive exercises focusing on sales and marketing scenarios.
  • Sales and Marketing Workshops: Hands-on sessions exploring sales techniques, marketing strategies, and digital marketing trends in English.
  • Communication Skills Development: Practice effective communication, public speaking, and presentation skills in sales and marketing contexts.
  • Negotiation and Persuasion: Strategies for negotiating deals, overcoming objections, and influencing customer decisions.
  • Feedback and Assessment: Regular assessments and feedback to monitor progress and enhance sales and marketing communication skills.

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to Sales and Marketing Communication

    • Overview of essential communication skills for successful sales and marketing professionals.
  2. Sales Techniques and Strategies

    • Techniques for prospecting, qualifying leads, and closing sales using persuasive language.
  3. Digital Marketing Essentials

    • Understanding digital marketing channels, SEO, content marketing, and social media strategies in English.
  4. Customer Relationship Management

    • Building and maintaining strong customer relationships through effective communication and follow-up.
  5. Brand Management and Promotion

    • Strategies for brand positioning, creating marketing campaigns, and communicating brand messages effectively.
  6. Sales Presentations and Pitching

    • Developing and delivering compelling sales presentations, pitches, and proposals in English.
  7. Market Research and Analysis

    • Conducting market research, analyzing customer insights, and applying findings to marketing strategies.
  8. Cross-Cultural Sales and Marketing

    • Adapting sales and marketing strategies to diverse cultural preferences and market dynamics.
  9. Integrated Marketing Communications

    • Integrating marketing communication strategies across traditional and digital platforms.
  10. Final Project and Assessment

    • Completing a final project that applies learned skills to develop a comprehensive sales or marketing plan, campaign, or case study.


ACE Education Center – Mont Kiara

ACE Language Centre – USJ 10

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  •  2 Days of training
  •  E-Certificate of Completion
  •  E-Training manual
  •  Trainer logistic to client’s place



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I have been studying Mathematics at ACE Education since then I have improved myself. I am really happy with my teacher.


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This class helped me to develop my essay writing skills that I previously was very unsure of. Sociology is a very broad topic, so it was difficult to be sure whether that knowledge I had and the way I wrote was even correct.

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I would like to recommend ACE Education to all students who are struggling to get high grades in IGCSE based on my personal experience. All teachers are staff are so professional and kind.


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